ADS-B/GPS Compatibility List

ADS-B/GPS Compatibility List

Aero App is compatible with non-proprietary ADS-B and GPS receivers using the GDL90 Protocol. Aero App provides the status of the ADS-B or GPS receiver’s battery, heartbeat, data uplink per second, geometric altitude, generic text and ADS-B NOTAMs on the 978MHz frequency. Aero App supports traffic data over the 1090MHz frequency, however, not the 1090ES channel. Aero App supports Wi-Fi connectivity via UDP on ports 43211 and 4000, as well as Bluetooth standard connections. Disclaimer: The ADS-B and GPS receivers listed below are subject to change.

ADS-B Receivers

ManufacturerModelConnectivityProvides GPS Information9781090AHRSADS-B In/Out
AppareoStratus 3Wi-FiYYYYADS-B In
DualXGPS 170DBluetoothYYYNADS-B In
DualXGPS 190BluetoothYYYYADS-B In

NOTE: In order for Stratus 3 to be detected by Aero App, enable the Open ADS-B Mode switch in the Stratus Horizon Pro settings page (found in the Stratus Horizon Pro app). For more information about Stratus products, please visit the Stratus Support Knowledge Base.

GPS Receivers

DualXGPS 150ABluetooth
DualXGPS 160Bluetooth

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