Setup ADS to Auto Update with Aero App Data

Setup ADS to Auto Update with Aero App Data

The Auto Update feature allows users to automatically update ADS with Aero App data. Users save their Aero User Database (AUD) or GEOAxIS credentials to authenticate ADS. ADS updates with data based on the preferences set on the dashboard.

Saving your AUD credentials in ADS

  1. Navigate to the Auto Update section within Settings
  2. Enter the AUD username and password
  3. Click Save to apply changes

Select Partner

  1. Click the Select Partner button.
  2. The Select a Partner menu will pop-up, select a partner from the drop-down list.
  3. Once a partner has been selected click OK, and an Aero User Database confirmation will display.
  4. Click Save to apply changes.

How do I know when ADS will automatically update?

ADS will automatically update, at the time specified by Next Update. Users can edit the Next Update time.

  1. Go into Settings.
  2. Under the Server section, you will see the Next Update time.
  3. Adjust to the desired time.
  4. Click Save to apply changes .

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