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2023-09-28: 2310 Global Update

ATTENTION: We recommend updating for cycle 2023-10-05 (2310) by downloading it from AWS. Contract Fuel data has been updated.

2023-09-27: PPA H60

To download the official version of the H-60 PPA for iOS, please visit the AMPS site on the Joint Technical Data Integration (JTDI) at If unable to connect to JTDI, please contact and to receive a copy of the software.

2023-09-26: Aero App for iOS on iOS 17

Aero App for iOS with the exception of AirDrop functionality is approved on iOS 17. We are currently investigating an AirDrop issue. If you require AirDrop functionality, please do not upgrade at this time. For more information, please contact

2023-09-25: Recommended Upgrade of Aero App and Aero Data Server

Please be advised users must be operating Aero App and Aero Data Server version 1.2201 or higher due to necessary security updates. Versions below this will no longer work in the field. Units using MDM please contact for assistance with keys.

2023-09-11: New 1.2310 Aero App for Windows is now available

1.2310 Aero App for Windows is available to download. Click here to be directed to Downloads. Click here to review the latest features, enhancements and system requirements released in version 1.2310.

2023-09-06: Customer Engagement Survey

NGA’s Aeronautical Office is dedicated to customer satisfaction and is gathering your feedback to better understand how the data, products, and services it produces are serving customers and what the Office can do to improve. Please take about 5 minutes to respond to the questionnaire here and provide any feedback, requests, or questions you have.

2023-06-26: Replacement for Aero App on Windows

With the release of Android running on Windows, NGA is considering replacing Aero App for Windows. Let us know how this will impact your mission by contacting us at Please note that running Android on Windows requires Windows Subsystem for Android ; Windows 11, minimum version 22H2 build 22621; and is only available on Aero App for Android v.1.2301 or later.

Current Cycle: 2309
Core Data
FAA Sectionals
Moving Map
Effective: 2023-09-07

Upcoming Cycle: 2310
Core Data
FAA Sectionals
Moving Map
GeoRef: 2023-09-29
E-IPL: 2023-09-29
GeoTIFFs: 2023-10-03
Effective: 2023-10-05

Upcoming Cycle: 2311
Core Data: Est 2023-10-19
FAA Sectionals: Est 2023-10-19
Moving Map: Est 2023-10-25
GeoRef: Est 2023-10-27
E-IPL: Est 2023-10-27
GeoTIFFs: Est 2023-10-31
Effective: 2023-11-02

Direct Install to Device: click here

App                                   Version

Aero App iOS                   1.2306.6684

Aero App iOS                   1.2301.6116

Aero App Android           1.2306.5504

Aero App Android           1.2301.5035

Aero App Windows         1.2310.1856

Aero App Windows         1.2306.1825

ADS for macOS                1.2306.488

ADS for macOS                1.2301.468

ADS for Windows            1.2306.488

ADS for Windows            1.2301.468


Aero App supports multi-tasking capabilities which allows pilots to interact with different apps simultaneously in split screen view. Pilots can now complete tasks and switch between apps without interruption.

(Available on Aero App – iOS, Android)

Moving Map Update

Aero App’s Moving Map has been enhanced to improve performance, for a more responsive and optimized experience. 

(Available on Aero App – iOS)

Line of Sight

Terrain and Vertical Obstructions data is used to calculate the minimum altitude to be able to fly over a given sector for Coverage, and to remain unobstructed from the orbit center in a given sector for Line of Sight.

(Available on Aero App – iOS)

Timer Alerts

Aero App has enhanced the existing Timer feature by providing a notification system to alert the user before the timer expires. Pilots will receive notifications while their device is in use or while locked. 

(Available on Aero App – Android)


ATAK users can now interface with Aero App to request data such as airport information and airport charts. 

(Available on Aero App – Android)

ADS Update

ADS Working Mode has been updated to Share with Devices to provide a simplified and easy-to-use data sharing experience for pilots. 

(Available on ADS)

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