Where can I download Aero App?

Where can I download Aero App?

Aero App can be installed from:

Option 1. Aero App Website: To access Aero App, visit aeroapp.info > Downloads > Software > Direct Install to Device. Downloading Aero App requires a GEOAxIS account (https://geoaxis.nga.mil) or an Aero User Database (AUD) account (https://userdb.aeroapp.info/auth/register).

Option 2. Aero App DVD: NGA distributes the Aero App DVD to appropriate personnel.

Option 3. (iOS only) Apple App Store: To access the Apple App Store, visit (https://www.apple.com/ios/app-store) or tap on App Store on your iPad. Downloading Aero App requires an Apple ID (https://appleid.apple.com/account).

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