Hazards Icon

Aero App allows pilots to mark and identify potential dangers on the Moving Map. Drop hazards on the map to highlight areas that pose a threat and avoid them accordingly.

(Available on Aero App – iOS, Android)

Zulu Clock

Aero App Zulu Clock has enhanced the Flight Information Panel. This provides pilots with always-current coordinated universal time (UTC).

(Available on Aero App – iOS, Android)

Home Field Setting

Aero App provides quick access to a pilot’s selected areas when there is no GPS. Home Field allows pilots to set an ICAO as their default location on the Moving Map. 

(Available on Aero App- iOS, Android)

Fuel Check

Aero App’s fuel check enables pilots to calculate the fuel burn usage of their ownship. Pilots can monitor fuel consumption and estimate the required fuel. 

(Available on Aero App – iOS, Android)

Photo on Moving Map

The photo pin feature allows pilots to incorporate user-generated images. This feature shows photo pins on the Moving Map. 

(Available on Aero App – iOS, Android)

Timer Alerts

Aero App has enhanced the existing Timer feature by providing a notification system to alert the user before the timer expires. Pilots will receive notifications while their device is in use or while being locked. 

(Available on Aero App – iOS, Android)

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