Aero App supports multi-tasking capabilities which allows pilots to interact with different apps simultaneously in split screen view. Pilots can now complete tasks and switch between apps without interruption.

(Available on Aero App – iOS, Android)

Moving Map Update

Aero App’s Moving Map has been enhanced to improve performance, for a more responsive and optimized experience. 

(Available on Aero App – iOS)

Line of Sight

Terrain and Vertical Obstructions data is used to calculate the minimum altitude to be able to fly over a given sector for Coverage, and to remain unobstructed from the orbit center in a given sector for Line of Sight.

(Available on Aero App- iOS)

Timer Alerts

Aero App has enhanced the existing Timer feature by providing a notification system to alert the user before the timer expires. Pilots will receive notifications while their device is in use or while locked. 

(Available on Aero App – Android)


ATAK users can now interface with Aero App to request data such as airport information and airport charts. 

(Available on Aero App – Android)

ADS Update

ADS Working Mode has been updated to Share with Devices to provide a simplified and easy-to-use data sharing experience for pilots. 

(Available on ADS)

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