2020-10-19: New 1.2007 Aero App for Android is now available

1.2007.21 Aero App for Android is now available for download. Please click here for more information.

2020-10-16: New 1.2007 Aero App for iOS is now available

1.2007.401 Aero App for iOS is now available for download. Please click here for more information.

2020-09-29: Aero App and iOS 14 Update

There are known connectivity issues on iOS 14 (apparently due to an Apple bug). iPads running Aero App EFB should not be updated to iOS 14 until further notice.

2020-08-04: Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guides are now available for Aero App iOS, Android, and Windows. To view, please navigate to the Downloads tab and click on Quick Start Guide link on the main menu or click here.

2020-07-13: New 1.2007 Aero App for Windows is now available

1.2007.44 Aero App for Windows is now available for download.

2020-06-11: New 1.2007 Aero Data Server Available for DoD Aero Mobile App

1.2007.57 Aero Data Server (ADS) for Windows and macOS is now available for download. Please click here for more information.

Current Cycle: 2011
Core Data
Moving Map
E-IPL (Cycle)
E-IPL (Update)
Effective: 2020-10-08

Upcoming Cycle: 2012
Core Data: Est 2020-10-21
Moving Map: Est 2020-10-27
GeoRef: Est 2020-10-30
E-IPL (Cycle): Est 2020-10-30
E-IPL (Update): Est 2020-11-13
Effective: 2020-11-05

Upcoming Cycle: 2013
Core Data: Est 2020-11-18
Moving Map: Est 2020-11-24
GeoRef: Est 2020-11-27
E-IPL (Cycle): Est 2020-11-27
E-IPL (Update): Est 2020-12-11
Effective: 2020-12-03

Direct Install to Device: click here

App                                   Version

Aero App iOS                    1.2007.401

Aero App iOS                    1.1911.19

Aero App Android           1.2007.21

Aero App Android           1.1911.25

Aero App Windows         1.2007.44

Aero App Windows         1.1911.15

ADS for Windows            1.2007.57

ADS for Windows            1.1911.6

ADS for macOS                1.2007.57

ADS for macOS                1.1911.6


Pilots can share files such as Data Cycles, Maps, and additional files with other iOS devices. AirDrop-compatible files are files that have not been created using delta files.

New ADS-B Products

Pilots can overlay ADS-B weather such as Cloud Tops, Icing Probability, Icing Severity, Icing SLD Potential, Lightning, NEXRAD, and Turbulence. Pilots can also change the transparency of the ADS-B weather overlay.

Drag and Drop Routes

Pilots can drag any segment or point of their current route and drop it to their desired point.

File Flight Plans

Aero App enables users to conveniently file ICAO flight plans. From the Route Panel, users can access previously filed flight plans, add or edit Aircraft information for ease of access when filing a new flight plan, and enter or update Flight Service credentials. This feature is available to FAA and DOD users.

(Available on Aero App – iOS)

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